A Public Private Partnership model of excellence by providing and enhancing accessible, comprehensive health-care services to our community those are quality-driven, patient-focused and cost-effective.


Promote health and well-being in the community through excellence in hospital care, ambulatory and community health services.


To improve the quality of life for village community by providing excellent, safe, accessible and affordable healthcare, which is centered around the patient’s wellbeing.

To provide general and specialized curative health care services to poor and marginalized people through the Community Health Centre.

To provide basic preventive services such as family planning, immunization and health monitoring activities to patients in surrounding communities.

To Coordinate and collaborate with government and non governmental agencies and concerned stakeholders/donors in health programs in Gujarat and beyond.

To develop durable partnerships with academic, Health & Social care partners and the life science industry to facilitate discovery and implement its benefits.

Strengthen the existing health care delivery system through health education, improvement of capacity and care processes.

To engage with the community and community stakeholders in activities that promote health literacy and awareness.

To strengthen community involvement in all aspects of planning, delivery and evaluating service delivery.

To develop research and implementation partnerships with universities, research institutions and governmental and non-governmental organizations to implement and develop innovative, generalizable solutions for common health and health care delivery problems in India.